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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Post WW2 World and the United Nations

On May 2, 2017, our Global Studies class was privileged to visit and tour the United Nations.  In our world history classes, we learned how the United Nations was created after World War II.

To get some further information on  the functions of the United Nations, a good start would be to check out their website: United Nations

Of course, there's so much to learn at and about the United Nations, and the tour was only an hour long.  For each tweet on the Storify, there's literally thousands of pages of information that can elaborate that topic.  Your challenge is to investigate some of it! Link to Storify: UN Tweets

1. Pick a tweet (mention the time stamp in your response so we know which one you are referring to.)
2. Using the website above and other research, investigate more about that tweet.  Whether it was a painting, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Security Council, etc., there's much more to know than what was mentioned!
3. Share some of what you discovered in a well developed paragraph with specific details.  Make sure to read previous posts, please do not repeat information that is already shared.
4.  Remember that the UN was created as a result of World War 2.  Find a way to connect what you learned with the effects of the war.
5.  Vague or brief posts will not receive full credit.
6.  Make sure to save your comment before submitting, in case there is a technical issue as it posts.
7. Pick something you find interesting, and enjoy the process.  I encourage you to respectfully respond to your classmates comments!

I look forward to reading what you share!