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Monday, April 3, 2017

CRS-10 Post launch

CRS-10 Reflections

     Well now it is March, and the CrS-10 successful launched, and the Dragon docked with the ISS. By now the astronauts are conducting some of the experiments that were on board, and Space X launched again, this time their first reused falcon 9! 
        When I go on these NASA adventures, I usually find one concrete way to relate it to our classes. However, this time I realized that there are just too many ways to limit it to one (or two, or three.) Social studies covers economics, and it was fascinating to learn about all the private partnerships at KSC (it's more than Space X.) We learned how it connects to the Scientific Revolution, about how we are studying how to grow plants on Mars (Columbian Exchange, anyone?)  We learned about different roles that women have played over the years, and about the historic significance of launch pad 39-A.  We learned about how the science experiments aboard the ISS will effect humanity here on Earth, and even how it connects to New Jersey. Overall, I'm happy we learned so much and happy for this opportunity!
        If you were unable to follow along while I was there, take a few minutes to catch up on some of the experience here. 
1. Pre-launch press briefing.  Here you can learn about many of the experiments that were carried on the Dragon to the ISS.  I ask two questions here, I won't tell you at which points to try to get you to actually watch as much of this as possible. (It's worth watching, these experiments are fascinating!) 
2. Press-briefing with NASA and SpaceX. Yes, I was here to! (Check out my pics of the Tesla on my twitter feed from this!) Hear about the relationship between public and private spheres, and reflect a bit on just why this launch is so historic. 

3.  Pre-launch NASA coverage.  This is where you can watch my "famous" interview.  There's other parts worth watching as well of course. 
4. Watch the launch and the landing. It really is amazing!!

5. Read my interview from the Daily Record. This was more about why we cover aerospace science in class in general, as opposed to a specific connection to this mission.  It still should get you in the right mindset before commenting. 
While you're at it, here is a press release from Morris County: 

6. Tweets. Next, to see lots of the individual facts and details of the trip, check out my tweets on Storify: 

7. Radio Interview. A whole half-hour show devoted just to this topic!

8. What can students do! A quick video I took when a scientist told me ways that students get involved with the plants grown aboard the ISS.  You can do this too!

Now, it's time for your feedback! I am asking you to find two things that you learned from this adventure. 
#1- What did you learn that relates somehow to your academy. (Trust me, there are examples of information here that relate to all academies.) 
#2- What did you learn that you found fascinating, interesting, or significant?

Requirements- Your response should be a detailed paragraph. The feedback you share should be unique. Once a classmate shares a fact, you have to share something else. Trust me, there's plenty of information here for everyone!