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Friday, March 3, 2017

Contract Grading- We Want Your Feedback!

Since implementing the contract grading system, I've heard from many students that they wish this system existed in some of their other classes. I can share all the information I want with other teachers about it, but it would be best if they also heard the reasons from you.

I actually got the idea of contract grading a few years ago from our awesome Media Specialist.  After she told me about it, I did tons of research as a good teacher should.

Here are some of the articles/studies /opinions that I read before implementing contract grading.

Contract Grading To Improve Teaching and Learning

A Simple Alternative to Grading

An agreement Between Students and Their Teachers

Avoiding Resistance to Contract Grading (blog)

Something to keep in mind is that I rarely do the same thing twice because there can always be ways to improve things. Therefore, our contract from this marking may look different than the one for 4th marking period, just like it looks different than the ones I gave for 3rd marking period last year. Additionally, there are ways to do it that could be vastly different than ours. For example, think of how a contract might look different for an algebra or a physical education class.

There were two major factors that I appreciate about the contract system:
        1. We can focus on learning and the standards, not grades.
        2. This process should make class less stressful. You know you will get a certain grade once you             master something, not whether you master it for the first time or not.
There are still some things that I would like to improve about the system. Here are my major concerns:
       1.  I want to ensure the difference between A and B contracts are about Quality, not Quantity.
       2. I worry that many teachers avoid it because of the "logistics" of the system.

For students: 
I'd love feedback. What do you like about contract grading? What don't you like? What would you improve if you could? Make sure your comments show you read some of the provided articles. Do you agree with what they claim are benefits of this system? Do you have some ideas from them that you would like to see implemented? Please provide insight that is unique, with specific examples.  This is time for you to give us feedback and potentially influence your future classes!

If you want to look at our current contract to refresh your memory, check out the image below: