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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Columbus Day Reflections

Columbus Day is one of the handful of holidays that students at Morris Tech have a day off from school (even if the teachers don't!) In recent years, the call for an end to the holiday, or replacing it with an "Indigenous Peoples Day" has been increasing.  In the tri-state area where we live, there are still an abundance of Columbus Day festivals and parades, partially due to the significant portion of Italian Americans that live here. For example, the National Italian American Foundation  reported that according to the 2000 census, over 17% of the New Jersey population associate as Italian-Americans, where is only about 4% of the people from California do, and less than 2% of the people in Texas!

There are many perspectives when considering this debate. Here is a sampling of views from both sides of the debate, in the 4 articles below. Take a few minutes to read them:

LA Times article (2015)

NPR article

NY Post Article

Huffington Post editorial (2015)

After reading the various views, what do you think? Did you learn anything new? In your response, quote or cite one of the articles and elaborate with your reflection on it. Your response should show an understanding of more than one article, and not just the part that you quote. Make sure to also reply on a classmate's comment. Each student should quote or cite a different line.

Note: You do not need to include your last name when you reply, but it would be a big help if you identify what block you are in.

I'm looking forward to reading your insights!