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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebrating Teaching Means Celebrating Students

On the weekends, my twitter feed typically revolves around two things: my children's activities or cross-country/racing. This past weekend, however, was an exception. At the College of New Jersey, about 200 educators convened for the ECET2NJPA conference. (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching).

One of the things you will learn in our class this year, is that when I attend any conference, I share my feedback with my students. Shouldn't you know what your teacher's thoughts are regarding school?

For this blog, I invite you to read my tweets from the weekend on the Storify link below. Some will not make "total sense" since you will miss some of the context. However, others should get you thinking about various things revolving your schooling, from how we discusses grading, race and equality, the school atmosphere, and much more.

Read through the Storify and find one tweet you want to focus on. Quote the tweet first, and then elaborate on the topic. You can provide your opinion, offer new ideas, or describe an example that relates. You can even do outside research to build upon it.

Each student should respond to a different tweet. (So the earlier you start this, the more options you will have.) You should also respond to at least one of your classmates comments. Each comment of yours should be about a paragraph in length, and provide evidence of critical thinking. Be prepared for me to respond to your comment with a question!

Note on logistics:
You do not have to include your last name, but please have your first name and block (A3, B2, etc) somewhere on your comment. Make sure you are signed in to your Google acount before submitting your comment. It may be wise to save your comment before you post it so it doesn't get "lost" if something goes wrong.

I'm curious and excited to see your responses!

Feel free to watch the video to get an idea of what the conference was like!