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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Student Derived Questions on the Industrial Revolution

The past few days we've been learning about the Industrial Revolution: it's causes, effects, why it began in labor, the plight of child workers, etc.  Before we finish this part of the unit, I wanted to see what questions you still had. The cool thing is that some of your questions will be answered in the last day or two of the unit. Yet, some questions are ones that are not included in the "mandated" curriculum, but that does not mean we shouldn't find the answers!

Here are five questions that you came up with of which I think are especially important that we answer:

A- When did wages rise and when was minimum wage established?
B- Why did children work in factories?
C- How was the Industrial Revolution different in Europe and the United States?
D- Why wasn't the government stepping in and helping the overworked people/safety conditions?
E- Why were people willingly going to work in these unsafe factories?

We'll be working on answering these questions very soon! Yet, if you think you have an answer (or part of an answer) to any of the questions below, please put it in the comments section!

The image below if from Kush. Abhishek and Brendan from block A5. It refers to wages and population in England and accompanies their letter "E. "

Friday, February 20, 2015

NASA TV: SMAP's mission

As many of you know, part of time at Vandenberg Air Force Base for the SMAP launch was getting to attend an event aired by NASA TV. Here, the scientists and engineers that worked with the satellite, rocket, and launch gave us a detailed overview.  We were also given the opportunity to ask and tweet them questions during this event.

Just think of how amazing it was to get to meet the people that designed this technology just hours before it went into space! Yes, I was interacting with real "rocket scientists!"

This is the video (almost two hours) of the event. I strongly suggest you try to watch some of this, even if it's just 15 minutes at a time, as we work on our third marking period paper and project. If you are selecting the 4th thesis for your paper, I would then say that watching this is a "must."

Besides, if you watch the video, I make a few cameo appearances! (I was in the front row! )

NASA TV : SMAP Overview mission

Here's some pictures I took before, during,  and after the event:
Here was the program, if you want to quote the interviews in your papers, you can see their names here. 

Hooray for women engineers!

He was showing me a 3-D printed CubeSat (mini, hand-held satellite.) How cool was that?!?!

Here's your famous teacher, taking her pic with an image of SMAP after the show was over. (When everyone attending was a bigwig on social media, there were MANY selfies!)

P.s- If you check my twitter feed from that day (January 28, 2015), you'll find more photos and tweets about this!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More SMAP Videos!

Hello again wonderful students!

I know we took the last day for me to share awesome stories and fun footage of the SMAP launches. Unfortunately we don't have time to look at all of them in class, so as I come across some, I'll be sharing them with you here.

Keep in mind that as we do papers/projects related to SMAP during the next marking period, it's a great idea to view the videos, and read the articles that I post here. It will really help you to not only get an idea of what an amazing experience being there was like, but to understand more about the Delta II rocket, the SMAP satellite, and the significant mission behind it.

First, here is a short (under 3 minutes) video from United Launch Alliance (ULA)-
ULA Launch video- really cool!

Next, here is an awesome video from Scott Manley on what the "NASA Social" experience was like, a few of my classes were fortunate enough to see this in class:

Scott Manley's NASA Social Experience

Happy viewing! Once again, ask me if you have any questions about this, and see you in class!

Yup, that's your teacher hanging out with the Delta II Rocket ! Go Delta! Go SMAP!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Go SMAP! The scrubbed launch, and the actual launch as viewed by NASA and Social Members

January 29th was the originally scheduled launch  date for the Delta II rocket that eventually took the SMAP satellite into its orbit.

This is video footage I took while at the launch viewing site on Thursday morning, January 29th. You will hear me interacting with other NASA social members about things such as the launch time, the lucky peanuts, and the Snap Chat news crew (yes, I was eventually interviewed by them. )

Bohn's scrubbed launch

Below is the footage taken by NASA of the amazing launch:

NASA Launch video

Below here, is amazing video of the satellite disengaging from the rocket.

Satellite leaves rocket

In the meantime, I am trying to access some amazing video taken from people at the viewing site.

Photo by Christina Walsh, NASA Social Member

SNOW DAY- So more SMAP Stories!

Hey wonderful students,
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful snow day. I've been editing some videos of my time at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  In the meantime, I wanted to provide you with two articles on the SMAP Satellite.  We'll be doing work on this when we return, and yes, it has something to do with your third marking period paper, so it's a great idea to read them.

Article 1 is by a fellow NASA Social member, who is also a reporter for CBS News.

CBS article by Matt Kamlet

Article 2 is by the magazine Scientific American

Scientific American Article

Please read these so you have a better understanding of SMAP. This will lead to much better discussions when we return to class!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What is SMAP?

Hey class,
Well now that I will be back to school on Monday (if this snow storm holds off,) I will be catching up on posting videos and blogs for you about this amazing NASA trip.

All of you should know a little bit about the SMAP satellite from the brief NASA videos I showed you in class. If you are still unsure, what better way to get a basic understanding than by hearing how it is explained to a young girl?

On Wednesday, January 28, we attended the roll back of the Delta II rocket from it's tower. We were treated to meeting two very important people ( I won't tell you who just yet) but when a young girl asked "What is SMAP", here was here response.

(Warning, the video is dark and a generator is noisy, but if you use headphones you should be able to hear okay,)

Photo by : Pauline Henning Acalin , fellow  NASA SMAP Social member
What is SMAP ?